" I Have a Lifetime of Ministry Experience... I Don't Want to Take to Heaven With Me" ...... Pastor Len

Most Ministers Find Themselves Almost Totally Unprepared for Real Life Ministry

Welcome to Pastor Len’s School Of Practical Ministry. Our goal is to Grow in Knowledge of The Lord ... & to Prepare you to Serve the Lord and One Another in Anointed & Practical Ways. Our courses are designed to equip you To flourish in Real Life Ministry Situations. Pastor Len has over 40 years of Practical Ministry Experience. Personal mentoring is available . All Online courses are Completely Free of Change . contact pastorlen@mail.com


“I have known Pastor Len for almost 20 years now. He has had a profound impact in my life. The first person to trust me to minister in his church. Taught me how to study and pray in faith. Even with several years of ministry behind me now. He is still a current and stable voice in my life. If you are looking for a mentor who’s easy to learn from? I personally recommend you connect and grow with Pastor Len Parsons. -Michael Ashburn Fathers Heart International https://www.fathersheartint.com”

Father's Heart International (Founder)

Michael Ashburn

“Len Parsons is no stranger to those he has ministered to for over 30 years, but for the other 98% who will read 1 of his 8 books. He is an appreciated Aglow adviser, local business owner/operator (ministry platform in disguise), personal pastor, and an envisioned evangelist who wears a prophetic mantle with humility, honoring the Lord in all his hands find to do. A journey that started at a young age, a midst challenging circumstances, he has traveled with Jesus as his best friend, followed the leading of the Holy Spirit when no one else “heard” and no one else understood, trusting God with everything. One of the things that I remember him saying is, “it's not complicated – I talk to God -- He talks back. He'll do it for you.” Trust me – I've known him a long time – God talks to him! Come and meet this man, through these books, who appears to many to be simple and even calls his church “Simple Church” – deliver a profound, live-altering message, straight from the sound of His voice and the wisdom of walking with Jesus for a long time!! It's really not complicated....just show up and God will do the rest. :) Pastor Len Parsons was Saved in 1970 in a Powerful encounter with the God of the Universe ! Enjoy Clear Teaching of the Spirit and the Letter of the Word of God .www.pastorlen.com www.pastorlen.org "I was raised in a gypsy style family who were constantly on the move. In fact I attended at least 27 schools in 14 states growing up. As a child i have played in the grass where a president was Killed a few months before, been evicted on Christmas Eve and watched radiation leak from a Nuke test in Vegas plus to many crazy things to share in this short space ! Through it All I have Come Home to who I am by writing and speaking about the journey." Pastor Len”


Brenda Hall